We are a full-service exterior architectural panel, insulated window, curtainwall and storefront panel manufacturer and fabricator. With a commitment to quality and service excellence, we are determined to perform at the highest standard for you, our customer. No job is too big or small. Our knowledgeable, experienced team and versatile product offerings allow us to provide you with an exceptional experience and lasting performance for each project.

In 2013, High Standard, Inc. became a part of the Nudo family and, in 2015, manufacturing of High Standard products was transferred to Nudo's state-of-the-art facility in Springfield, IL. We are excited to be able to provide the building and construction industries an unparalleled offering of innovative, high quality interior and exterior panels. We can make your vision a reality, from interior to exterior!

Should you need any assistance, out team is always available!

High Standard, Inc. was founded in 1959. We are a full service panel laminator that manufactures insulated and veneer metal in-fill panels. We produce products such as Kynar finished aluminum and steel exterior panels, Ceramicsteel exterior panels and polyester finished panels. We are also a national distributor, fabricator and regional installer of aluminum composite panels.

Beyond our exceptional products, we provide unparalleled customer service. Our customer dedication means you can expect the responsiveness, consistency and solutions you need to make your vision a reality.

We know that in order for your vision to become a reality, you need
That is precisely why we strive to make your vision our mission.